Non-drying type rust preventive oil, sometimes referred to as non-volatile rust preventive oil, is a specialized anti-corrosion coating designed to protect metal surfaces from rust and corrosion by forming a long-lasting, oily or greasy film. Unlike drying-type rust preventives that evaporate and leave a dry film, non-drying types remain in a liquid or semi-liquid state, providing a persistent protective barrier. Here are some key points about non-drying type rust preventive oil:

  1. Oily or Greasy Film: Non-drying rust preventive oils create a continuous oily or greasy film on the metal surface. This film acts as a protective barrier, preventing moisture and oxygen from coming into direct contact with the metal.
  2. Long-Lasting Protection: The non-drying film does not evaporate or dry out over time. It remains in a liquid or semi-liquid state, offering long-term corrosion protection. This makes it particularly suitable for extended storage or outdoor applications.
  3. Application Process: Non-drying rust preventive oils are applied to metal surfaces through various methods, such as spraying, dipping, brushing, or wiping. The thickness of the applied film can be adjusted according to the level of protection required.
  4. Versatile Use: These rust preventives are used in a wide range of industries, including heavy machinery, automotive, firearms, and marine. They protect metal parts, tools, equipment, and components during transportation, storage, and outdoor exposure.
  5. Ease of Removal: When the metal component is ready for use, the non-drying rust preventive oil can be removed using solvents or cleaning agents. This ensures that the metal is clean and ready for further processing or assembly.
  6. Film Integrity: The non-drying film adheres tightly to the metal surface, even during long periods of storage or exposure to harsh environmental conditions. It resists washing off or being easily displaced.
  7. Corrosion Resistance: The film provides effective corrosion resistance by preventing the formation of rust and protecting the metal from the effects of moisture, humidity, and salt spray.
  8. Film Regeneration: In some cases, non-drying rust preventive oils can be rejuvenated or topped off with additional coatings to maintain their protective qualities over time.

Non-drying rust preventive oils are particularly valuable for protecting metal components, machinery, and equipment that will be stored for an extended period, especially in outdoor or high-moisture environments. Their ability to create a long-lasting, oily film makes them a reliable choice for maintaining the integrity and functionality of metal surfaces.