Sheet Fed Offset

The latest printing machines demand the highest quality of inks. Our inks are formulated keeping in mind these high speed machines using eco friendly raw materials. Our Inks working properties like setting, drying, gloss, dot gain, print density& tack help our inks show a superior performance on any printing machine.

Our Sheetfed inks comprises of the below:

1. Process Colors

Our Sheet Fed Offset Inks are used world wide by Thousands of printers for a wide variety of jobs.we are known to have the widest and based range our Sheet Fed Offset Inks across the world.

2. Spot Colors

Spot colors is best explained as colors that are not achievable by blending of the regular cmyk inks. Our spot colors are made using the most Brilliant pigments available, our inks have bright shades, high density & achieve superior mileage. Taking the spot color development further we have innovated the concept of customizing color development using Spectrophotometer to achieve any color in the color gamut.

3. Mini Offset Inks:

Our technologists have formulated special inks to suit the requirement of the mini offset press. We help the printers by providing a range of inks from the economic range to the premium range covering the whole spectrum of colors.

4. Specialized Inks:

As a manufacturer of premium quality inks and continuous R & D by our dedicated team of technologists we also provide:-

a) Fluorescent Inks: A whole range of Daylight Fluorescent colors

b) Metallic Inks: Dazzling Silver & Gold Inks

c) Metalized Polyester: Inks Suitable to print on metalized polyester, Foam Sheets, Non-Tear able Substrates.etc

d) Odorless inks: Inks to print on food packaging products which require low odor inks