R & D

Our R&D center enthusiastic and creative researchers, all gathered together, display their abilities to their fullest in their respective fields to research and develop very competitive products.

Modern and sophisticated test equipment helps our researchers to perform R&D activities very efficiently. We promise to fulfill customer's need by developing high performance and non-polluting products which have characteristics such as high solid, water soluble, etc. and to contribute to the development of printing industry through our consistent research and development activities.

we lay a major emphasis especially on the quality front. All steps of our production process are monitored strictly under the control of our Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction Division. For us quality begins with a careful screening of raw material used in our products.

Our computerized system permits precise measurement of raw materials in large-scale ink manufacturing and statistical tracking of viscosity, grind, color strength and shade insures that these critical properties meet exacting specifications from batch to batch. Every stage of processing from mixing, milling, pumping to the packing process has been streamlined by our experts to maximize productivity while minimizing the possibility of errors.


Our Laboratory has the latest instruments, equipments and qualified technical professionals for testing, quality control and specialized formulations. All manufactured ink products pass our rigorous quality programs. We control the products by controlling the process.

Raw Material Quality Assurance

Formulation and manufacture of new inks begins with rigorous selection of raw materials. All our raw materials are pre tested and purchased according to

established specifications. Through the use of a supplier rating and monitoring system, we have been successful in achieving a high degree of consistency in the materials we accept. This process has, in turn, led to overall improvements in the quality and consistency of our finished products.

Computer Controlled Colors

Our extremely effective computer-controlled color program allows production personnel to exert maximum control over every variable in our production process. The result is greater consistency in our finished products, yielding the same high quality, order after order.