Over Print Varnishes Water Based

Avreon has formulated special overprint gloss coatings & matt finish coatings. Our Gloss coatings are non yellowing, high gloss, odourless, roller friendly and user friendly. Our Matt coatings provide excellent matt finish with good rub-resistance & is directly usable on the printing press.

Our Specialized Coating includes:

1. UV Coating

2. Aqua Coating

3. Print Vaarnish

Our UV ink technology totally eliminates VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). UV inks have phenomenal ink hold out for bright, beautiful color as inks dry trap as well as sharper image clarity and intensity. UV inks output zero VOC's. Environmentally sensitive inks coupled with special blanket wash technology decrease wash-up VOC's by another 95%.

High Gloss

High Gloss Overprint Varnish for paper and carton with a good drying speed. With the appropriate selection of the substrate a gloss level comparable to UV varnish can be achieved.