Welcome to AVREON Inks

We are one of the leading manufacturers for printing inks across various categories.
Our range includes Offset Inks, Web Offset Inks, Gravure Inks, Flexo Inks, Screen Inks, U.V. Inks and Over Print Varnishes & Coatings.
We are having presense in nearly all countries of Europe, Asia, Australia, America and many more.
We are having an in-house R & D Facility and a highly technical and dedicated team which work round the corner to provide high and constant quality with cost economic solution. Our team is also equiped to customize products as per customer requirements.

Offset Inks

The latest printing machines demand the highest quality of inks. Our inks are formulated keeping in mind these high speed machines using eco friendly raw materials. Our Inks working properties like setting, drying, gloss, dot gain, print density& tack help our inks show a superior performance on any printing machine.
Our Sheet Fed Offset Inks are used world wide by Thousands of printers for a wide variety of jobs.we are known to have the widest and based range our Sheet Fed Offset Inks across the world.

Web Offset Inks

We manufacture and supply Offset Inks that are highly used to print on the the packaging products. These products are excellent in color, print finish and are great value for money. Our range is widely used to print on papers, corrugated surfaces and many more. These Inks can also be customized as per the requirement and necessity of the customer's.

Gravure Inks

Our Gravure inks are designed, formulated, manufactured and quality controlled for High gloss surface printing and Reverse printing on various plastic films which need color full decorations. These inks are basically Toluene based, ethyl based, MIBK based, MEK based and other alcohol based inks.
As a specialist in Reverse printing and surface printing inks, we Manufacture and supply both Lamination and non lamination inks for all type of substrates. Avreon Produces Gravure inks for different variety of substrates to several type of industries. Roto-Gravure Printing can be done on substrates such as papers, wood, boards, BOPP, Polyester, Polyethylene, PVC, and all plastic films.

Flexo Inks

Flexo Inks are the best quality printing inks for Flexo Presses of all Kinds. Flexographic printing (short form - flexo printing) is a form of printing process which utilizes a flexible relief Polymer or Rubber Blocks-plates. It is an updated method of letterpress printing which is utilized for printing process on most substrates such as Papers, Boards, metals, foils, plastics, metallic films, cellophane, and wooden substrates. It is mainly used for printing on the non-Absorbent and Non porous surfaced substrates used for various varieties of industrial and food packaging applications (it is also mostly suitable for printing and coating huge areas of solid colors).

Screen Inks

Apply directly to fabric, paper, wood, leather and other porous materials. They dry with a soft hand and will not change the texture or softness of fabric, or wrinkle or bleed on paper. Standard colors are semi-transparent. Metallics and opaque white will print over dark tones.

U.V. Inks

UV printing is different from conventional printing in many ways. It is still ink on paper but the ink dries through a completely different process. Instead of having solvents in the ink that evaporate into the air and absorb into the paper, UV inks dry through a photomechanical process. When the inks are exposed to ultra- violet lights they turn from a liquid, or paste, to a solid. There is significantly less evaporation of solvents and much less absorption of the ink into the stock.

Over Print Varnishes

Avreon has formulated special overprint gloss coatings & matt finish coatings. Our Gloss coatings are non yellowing, high gloss, odourless, roller friendly and user friendly. Our Matt coatings provide excellent matt finish with good rub-resistance & is directly usable on the printing press.
Our UV ink technology totally eliminates VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). UV inks have phenomenal ink hold out for bright, beautiful color as inks dry trap as well as sharper image clarity and intensity. UV inks output zero VOC's. Environmentally sensitive inks coupled with special blanket wash technology decrease wash-up VOC's by another 95%.