Our Gravure inks are designed, formulated, manufactured and quality controlled for High gloss surface printing and Reverse printing on various plastic films which need color full decorations. These inks are basically Toluene based, ethyl based, MIBK based, MEK based and other alcohol based inks.

As a specialist in Reverse printing and surface printing inks, we Manufacture and supply both Lamination and non lamination inks for all type of substrates. Avreon Produces Gravure inks for different variety of substrates to several type of industries. Roto-Gravure Printing can be done on substrates such as papers, wood, boards, BOPP, Polyester, Polyethylene, PVC, and all plastic films.

Gravure is capable of transferring more ink to the paper than other printing processes, gravure is noted for its remarkable density range (light to shadow) and hence is a process of choice for fine art and photography reproduction, though not typically as clean an image as that of sheet fed litho or web offset litho. Gravure Inks is also well-suited for printing on a host of other types of substrates, such as foils, plastics, etc. When used on plastic packaging, most gravure presses require the use of fast-drying solvents. Other use for the gravure processes are in wallpapers and laminates for furniture where quality and consistency are desired.